Justifying The Cost Of A Security Guard

Staying competitive in today’s economy can be challenging. In these tough economic times, justifying additional expenses can be nearly impossible. If you are hoping to make your company more profitable in the future, it may be beneficial to invest in a security guard now. Here are three reasons why security guards can help you reduce costs in the future. 1. The presence of a security guard can deter shoplifting. If you rely on retail sales to generate income for your company, the threat of shoplifting is very real. Statistics show that in the year 2014 alone retailers lost $32 billion as a result of shoplifting activities. When consumers see a uniformed security guard posted inside your retail location, they will be less likely to try and take products that they haven’t paid for. This reduction in shoplifting activities can reduce product loss, making your company more profitable over time. 2. The presence of a security guard could reduce insurance premiums. Insuring your commercial property and retail products can be costly. Insurance companies know that shoplifting activities and other petty crimes can result in significant losses, and the high premiums they charge for commercial insurance reflect these unique challenges your business might face. Because of the positive effect security guards have on deterring shoplifting, some insurance companies are willing to offer discounts to those companies that employ uniformed security guards....

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Have A Bee Allergy? Ways To Avoid Getting Attacked And Stung By Bees

Because you are allergic to bees, you need to learn how you can avoid getting attacked and stung by them. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do this, three of which are listed below. Do Not Provoke Them As a rule, bees will not purposely go after you. They will, however, go after you if they feel threatened in any way. Vibrations is one thing that threatens them. For this reason, if you are doing anything outside that causes any type of vibration you need to be careful. If you are mowing your lawn, it may cause a little vibration or using any type of power tools that touches the ground. Do not try to remove a hive if you see one in your yard. Instead, hire an insect company to come to your home. They know how to safely remove the bee have, and have the protective clothing to protect them from stings. Provide Them with Food If bees have a shortage of flowers that provide them with nectar. Because they cannot find nectar they go on the hunt for it, which is generally from nearby hives. The bees hunting the nectar will become aggressive, and they will also provoke the bees inside the hive they are stealing from. If any of these hives are on your property or even close to it, the bees may go...

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Selecting Promotional Items To Gain Potential Customer Interest

If you are going to be attending a trade show to promote your business’ products or services, having the right promotional items to give to prospective customers is key to improve chances of future sales. Many businesses give away handy products at these events as a token of appreciation to people who stopping by their booth. Here are some fun ways to get your business’ information into the hands of potential customers in an attempt to pique interest in your wares or services. Give Away Office Items To Attendees When giving away promotional items, it is extremely important that the item itself is useful to the recipient. If it is not, it will be overlooked or may even be tossed into the trash. Office supplies are great items to give away at trade show events as they are necessary in everyday business practices, making them likely to be utilized often. They are also items that are shared between office workers, making the information printed upon them apt to be seen by several different potential customers as a result. Invest in some fountain pens, paperweights, calendars, lanyards, custom rulers, or stationary to give to people stopping by your booth. Consider Handing Out Clothing Items One great gift to obtain at a trade show is a piece of clothing as it can be used for several years while giving the recipient a memory of the event they can look back on often. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, or beach bags are all useful items...

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Three Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Mailing Tube

When shipping photographs, posters, screen prints or other important documents a shipping tube is a great solution. However, not just any tube will do the job. You must choose and prepare your tubes wisely to prevent damage. Here are just three mistakes to avoid when choosing a shipping tube. Choosing A Thin Tube Your shipping materials aren’t the place to try to make extreme cut backs. While the carrier you use to transport your documents during the shipping process is important, the materials you use are equally important. Avoid going with low-quality, thin tubes for your shipping needs. Thinner material is often synonymous with increased damaged. During shipment, the tube will be exposed to all types of elements and movement. If the material is thin enough to bend easily, the documents inside the tube will also be bent. Always choose tubes that are designed from a thick, heavy-duty cardboard for the best results. Going Too Small When choosing a mailing tube, make sure you understand that there is a such thing as too small of a tube. Some people look at a small, or narrow, tube as a non-issue. If the tube is on the smaller side, they simply roll the document up tightly and force it to fit. This is a mistake. First, depending on how fragile the paper is, it’s more likely that the paper will rip...

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Tips For Keeping Your Window Awnings Clean

If you have awnings over the top of your windows, it is up to you to make sure that they remain as clean and nice looking as possible. To help you do just that, you will want to take a little bit of your time to review the following tips. Weekly Rinses In order to reduce the amount of work that you will have to do when it comes time to really scrub your awnings, you will want to keep them rinsed. A good schedule for this would be to rinse the awnings about once a week and you will want to make sure that you are spraying the underside of the awnings as well. The idea of the weekly rinses is not for deep cleaning. It is to simply rinse off recent debris and dirt that may have found its way onto your awning. Spraying off the underside of them will help remove any cobwebs that might have been created by spiders. If you have a high powered garden hose, you should be able to use that. You do not want to use an industrial power washer for a simply rinse. Also, the force behind the power washer could cause the awning to break away from the building. Monthly Scrubbing Despite rinsing off your window awnings once a week, you might find that there is still going to be...

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Three Reasons To Keep Your Existing Storage Unit When Moving Into A New Home

If you are moving into a larger home, you may have an existing storage unit you’ve been using to offset space concerns. While you might be moving into a larger space, it could be well worth it to hold on to your storage unit while getting used to your new home. Here are three reasons a storage unit can still be useful when moving into a new home. 1. Furnishings You Are on the Fence About If you have a lot of furnishings or are combining homes with a new spouse, it might be a good idea to incorporate items slowly. You don’t need to move all of your furnishing from storage into your new home, especially if there are some items you are on the fence about keeping. If you can keep a few larger pieces in storage, this will give you a chance to get your decor in order and see what pieces will fit in with your new home. 2. Give Yourself Time to Settle in and get Organized If you are hoping to move, unpack, and go through storage all at once, you might be biting off more than you can chew. Items in storage will be packed and ready to go later on once you have settled in and have more time and energy to deal with these additional items. It might be best...

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Use Compost And Mulch To Help Plants In A New Flowerbed Thrive

Compost is made from decayed organic material and contains essential nutrients that may help plants grow. The following instructions will teach you how to create a flowerbed that contains small, flowering plants and add compost to the soil. Once you have finished, add mulch around the base of each plant to prevent weed growth and help the soil retain moisture. Materials wooden stakes measuring tool large shovel wheelbarrow paving blocks soil hand shovel bags of compost flowering plants water hose mulch Dig Out The Flowerbed Locate a flat part of your yard that you would like to place the flowerbed in. Choose a location that receives plenty of sunlight and that is easily accessible so that you can enjoy the flowering plants inside of it regularly. Use a measuring tool and wooden stakes to mark the area you will be planting in. Dig down into the earth several inches with a large, flat shovel. Remove large clumps of sod and place them in a wheelbarrow so that they can conveniently be removed from the area being used to create the flowerbed. Add a border around the flowerbed by pressing paving blocks firmly into the ground that are lined up next to each other. Level The Soil, Dig Holes, And Add A Flowering Plant To Each One Use the back of a shovel to level the surface of the flowerbed....

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The Storage Struggle: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Possessions Pristine

Storage units are a great option for putting away your possessions on a short-term or long-term basis. Unfortunately, items can become damaged in storage for many reasons: unexpected rainfall, creepy critters, and more. Use the following advice to keep your possessions in pristine condition. Use Convenient Organization Techniques You might be tempted to pack and toss your boxes into storage. After all, that option is much less time consuming, right? It may provide short-term convenience, but it can make unpacking a pain. Fortunately, organizing your storage unit is simple. Put your most important possessions in the front of your storage unit, and put the least important ones in the back. This makes it easy to access important belongings when you need to. Use large letters to label each container. Waterproof permanent markers or water-resistant vinyl labels are ideal for this. Put a label on the tops and sides of all containers so you can always identify what is in them. Waterproof Your Possessions For Mold Prevention Storage units are dark and may be exposed to moisture during heavy rain or flooding. Even climate-controlled units may be susceptible to mold and mildew. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your belongings are not ruined by mold. Use plastic storage tubs instead of wooden or cardboard boxes. Cardboard and wood can mold easily when exposed to moisture....

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Know Customers’ Needs

When you know what your customers need before they ask, you build a great rapport with them. Learn how here.

Keep Clients Comfortable

Keeping your business safe and stress-free is a good way to value your customers. You can do both and still make your clients feel comfortable.

Help Your Customers

Showing your clients that you care about them keeps them coming back for more of your services. Teach your employees how to do this.